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Does Calgary Pest Control Fumigate?

Fumigation is a process wherein a vaporized pesticide, known as a fumigant, is released under controlled conditions into soil, buildings (such as storage silos), or greenhouses to target specific pest organisms.

Pesticides formulated as fumigants have the unique ability to exist in a gaseous state at controlled pressure and temperature. They can occupy small air spaces between soil particles, disperse through empty structures, or penetrate solid items within a structure. This describes both space and solid (commodity) fumigations. The key requirement is that the gas must be contained within the treatment area for a specified period. After this time elapses, the aeration step follows, during which controlled conditions allow the fumigant concentration to dissipate until acceptable levels are reached.

When is Fumigation Necessary?

Fumigation is a measure typically reserved for severe cases of insect infestation that cannot be effectively addressed by other means. Certain areas or entire properties may require fumigation after careful examination of the pest species involved and consideration of suitable chemicals. Unlike most conventional pest control products and methods, the pesticides used in fumigation are hazardous to humans and animals. Therefore, attempting fumigation without the assistance of a licensed extermination professional is strongly discouraged.

Steps For Fumigation in Calgary

The fumigation process typically begins with the proper tenting of the affected area using specialized tarps or tents.

All possible openings are sealed to create an airtight environment.

Humans and animals must be evacuated from the area to prevent exposure to pesticide vapors.

The fumigants are then pumped into the tarped area, where they penetrate wood, upholstery, and other materials to eliminate hard-to-reach pests.

The chemicals are left to work for one to three days until they are no longer harmful and have dissipated.

The tarped area is then opened, and the tent or tarp is removed.

A pest control technician will inspect the property to ensure that the targeted pest infestation has been effectively controlled.

When Might Fumigation Be Required?

Fumigation is typically considered when pests, such as termites or certain beetles, have infested areas that are difficult to reach using conventional pest control methods. In severe cases of bedbug infestation, fumigation may also be necessary. While fumigation should be approached as a last resort due to the severity of the chemicals involved, it may be the most effective option in certain situations.

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