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We understand the importance of respecting protected species, and we handle their removal and relocation with utmost care. Deciding whether to enlist the help of an exterminator for bird and bat infestations is a decision only you can make. While these creatures typically don’t intend to be pests or intrude into your living spaces, they may inadvertently find themselves trapped in areas like garages, porches, and even industrial facilities. When birds or bats establish residency, professional exclusion methods are essential, leaving no room for DIY solutions. These animals can harbor parasites, bacteria, and in the case of bats, their guano (excrement) can emit foul odors and carry diseases, including the risk of rabies.


Efficient bat removal requires strategic and often complex procedures, typically involving physical alterations to the structure to address entry points. For instance, when bats inhabit the attic, thorough sealing of entry points and installation of one-way vents for safe exits are necessary. It’s crucial to communicate with your pest control provider, ask pertinent questions, and trust their expertise to ensure the job is done correctly. For Bird Control and Eradication in Calgary, reach out to us anytime.


Encountering trapped birds in areas such as garages can be a homeowner’s nightmare, while business owners may struggle with bird nuisances around their establishments, ranging from small restaurants to landfill sites and airports. We offer guidance on the most effective approaches for addressing bird-related issues, whether they involve seagulls, pigeons, ducks, or geese. We specialize in Pigeon removal and Bird management Calgary.

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