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How Pest Control Airdrie Treats, Removes and Controls Bed Bugs

Managing bed bugs poses a challenge even for seasoned exterminators because of their elusive nature, as they can hide in numerous hiding spots. Thorough inspection and targeted treatment are crucial to effectively eradicate a bed bug infestation. Equipped with an array of tools and backed by extensive experience and knowledge, our professional bed bug exterminators in Airdrie know exactly where to look. In the past, broad pesticide spraying across large areas was the norm for bed bug control. However, this indiscriminate approach is now outdated, and treatments are more focused and precise. It’s important to note that addressing a bed bug infestation may require several hours for inspection and treatment, along with subsequent follow-up visits. Our pest exterminators in the Airdrie area are here to assist you in your home.

What to Expect With Our Bed Bug Extermination Service​ Airdrie

Our vehicles are discreetly unmarked to ensure your privacy.

Access for inspection and treatment must be provided, and clutter should be cleared.

If mattresses or box springs have any holes or tears, they may need to be discarded as bed bugs could have laid eggs inside.

If mattresses are retained, using a mattress cover post-treatment is advisable. However, it’s important to note that we only treat seams and tufts, not the mattress surface.

Adjoining rooms and apartments may also require inspection.

Infested bedding and clothing should be bagged and laundered at a minimum temperature of 120°F.

We do not spray bedding or garments. A variety of pesticide sprays, dusts, and aerosols will be strategically applied.

Our pest control technician will schedule follow-up visits after the initial treatment.

Preventative Measures Against Bed Bugs In Airdrie

Thoroughly inspect second-hand beds and furniture before purchase.

When traveling, carefully check for signs of bed bugs on the bed and headboard of the room.

Keep suitcases elevated off the floor.

Check local bed bug registries when traveling.

Early intervention by a Professional Bed Bug Exterminator in Airdrie at the first sign of suspicion of an infestation is highly recommended.

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