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Our team of professional animal handlers ensures the humane and safe handling of wild animals by capturing and releasing them back into their natural habitats, away from artificial light. As experienced exterminators, we also provide valuable advice on preventive measures to deter animals from returning to your property in the future.

The following rules and regulations apply to all Calgary wildlife removal experts

  • Compliance with municipal bylaws and relevant laws is mandatory for Calgary Pest Control at all times.
  • We only capture wildlife necessary to protect your property, avoiding unnecessary harm.
  • Ethical treatment of animals is not just a guideline but a legal requirement that we strictly follow.
  • Our Calgary wildlife control services are limited to situations directly related to your property when called upon.
  • Den removal of fur-bearing mammals such as foxes and skunks requires ensuring responsible wildlife management.
  • Any living wildlife captured must be released within 24 hours.

Calgary COYOTES Removal and Control

Coyotes are commonly found in various parts of Calgary and its surrounding areas, particularly where there are forests, foliage, creeks, ravines, and wildlife habitats. Their proximity to cities and urban areas is due to the accessibility of shelter and food sources. Coyotes are active throughout the day and night, with peak activity occurring at dawn and dusk.

Unlike some animals, coyotes do not hibernate and remain active even during the winter months when food may be more scarce. One positive aspect of coyotes is their role in controlling populations of squirrels and rabbits, as these small rodents form a significant part of their diet, especially in urban areas.

If you encounter a coyote on or near your property, it’s important not to feed them, as doing so is against the law. Instead, discourage their presence by making loud noises and gesturing assertively. Coyotes in Calgary are typically timid around humans, especially if you display confidence.

The presence of coyotes near your property may indicate the availability of food sources, such as garbage or pet food left outdoors. Ensure that garbage cans and recycling bins are securely sealed to prevent attracting coyotes. Additionally, thinning out foliage can eliminate hiding spots for coyotes.

If you find yourself confronting a coyote, appear as large as possible, and throw objects to deter them. Maintain eye contact and back away cautiously, as this will signal to the coyote that you are not a threat. For Calgary Coyote Control and Removal, Contact Pest Exterminators 

FOXES in Calgary

Foxes, similar to coyotes, are primarily active during the dawn and dusk hours. Foxes roaming around Calgary’s urban areas have been effectively vaccinated against rabies, allowing their population to thrive and be supported in their habitat. However, reducing their numbers could potentially introduce new foxes from outside the area and potentially reintroduce the rabies virus.

Although foxes typically prefer habitats near ravines, streams, lakeshores, and wooded areas, they may also establish dens under porches and other protected urban locations. In such cases, it’s advisable to contact a Calgary wildlife expert to safely relocate them and ensure your property remains free from any encounters with fox families.

When foxes are present nearby, it’s important to take precautions to protect your property. Installing galvanized wire mesh buried at least 15 inches into the ground can deter foxes from tunneling onto your property. Additionally, securely storing food scraps and pet food in containers can help avoid attracting foxes. If unsure about the presence of foxes, keeping pets indoors and remaining active outdoors can discourage these shy animals from lingering around your property.

Contact us for Expert Fox Removal Calgary services.

​​RACCOONS removal Calgary

Raccoons are among the wildlife species that have adapted to urban development and are now as common as city residents themselves. They are ubiquitous, although often unseen due to their nocturnal habits of foraging and causing mischief. With a diet ranging from grubs and nuts to corn and smaller rodents, raccoons happily feast on garbage and compost, and they have no qualms about making themselves at home in your attic, eaves, sheds, or garages.

Calgary Raccoon Removal

If you’ve never encountered a raccoon up close, you might be surprised by their aggressive and protective nature. Similar to bears in temperament, raccoons are not the cuddly creatures they may appear to be. If you discover one inhabiting your home, yard, or property, it’s crucial to contact Calgary Pest Exterminator promptly to address the situation. Raccoons can cause significant damage to your property in a short amount of time. Our experts are skilled in the humane removal of raccoons and other wildlife to ensure your family’s safety from unpredictable intruders that can create problems in the Calgary area. Contact us for Professional Calgary Raccoon Control Services today.

What are the numerous Calgary raccoon problems that may be faced by a home owner?
  • Raccoons can cause extensive damage to attics and roofs if allowed to reside;
  • They may chew on electrical wires;
  • Damage to wooden joists can lead to structural issues;
  • Rummaging through garbage can create a messy and inconvenient situation;
  • Decks, front porches, and other structures become unsafe when raccoons take up residence underneath them; There’s a risk of spreading diseases such as rabies;
  • Raccoons are carriers of ticks and other parasites, potentially leading to diseases and discomfort;
  • As nocturnal creatures, they can disturb both you and your pets as they scavenge around the property.
Why do you need to call Calgary Pest Exterminator Company?
  • Raccoons are not small animals; they typically weigh around 25 lbs and can reach sizes of 45 to 55 lbs;
  • Commercially available cages may not be sufficient to contain them, as raccoons are strong and resourceful;
  • Effective raccoon repellents are scarce;
  • Despite their cute appearance, raccoons can be aggressive and cannot be safely contained in close proximity;
  • After raccoons have occupied attics or eaves, thorough cleaning and disinfection are necessary to address any remaining infestations.
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SKUNKS Removal Calgary

Skunks may not be as common as other rodents and wildlife, but they can certainly make their presence felt. While they’re less active during the winter months, once spring arrives, they start to emerge and seek out locations such as under porches, sheds, debris piles, and around garbage and compost areas.

Skunks and Their Impact on Home Properties Calgary
  • Skunks are particularly fond of lawns and gardens, especially after rainfall when worms, grubs, and larvae become more accessible.
  • Their digging habits often result in small round holes, but the real damage occurs when they tear up chunks of sod to reach their food sources.
  • Finding shelter near homes is common for skunks, and getting sprayed by one can be a life-altering experience, even for pets.
Skunk problems in Alberta
  • Creating dens underneath sheds, decks, concrete foundations, and crawlspaces is a common behavior.
  • Skunks may become trapped in window wells after falling in.
  • Their spray can cause irritation and temporary blindness in pets and humans, along with a persistent odor that’s difficult to eliminate.
  • Like other rodents, skunks can carry ticks, fleas, and potentially rabies.
  • Their prolific breeding and lack of natural predators can lead to overpopulation issues.
How Calgary Pest Exterminator can help
  • After removing skunks from your property, it’s crucial to repair any damage and eliminate attractants to prevent new infestations, and we take care of that.
  • Bites from skunks can transmit rabies, so prompt action is essential.
  • There are no reliable skunk repellents on the market, so it’s best to rely on professional assistance.

For expert advice and assistance with skunk removal Calgary, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

SQUIRRELS in Calgary

Squirrels seem to be everywhere these days. While they may not always cause problems, when their numbers grow and they start damaging property and yards, it’s time to give us a call. Despite their cute appearance, they’re essentially just rats with fluffy tails and can be equally destructive. If they’ve become a nuisance, we know how to address the issue and we do so in the most humane manner. Contact Calgary Exterminator for Squirrel Removal Calgary services.

Common squirrel behaviors resemble raccoon problems in many ways:
  • Squirrels often nest in eaves and attics, posing fire hazards with their nesting materials.
  • Like raccoons, squirrels have a tendency to nibble on electrical wires.
  • Similar to other rodents, they’re notorious for chewing through walls and roofing, and sometimes they may fall and perish between walls.
  • Their incessant activity can lead to significant noise disturbances.
  • Given enough time, they can wreak havoc on gardens.
  • Leaving birdseed out is practically an invitation for squirrels, who can effortlessly leap meters to access feeders and deplete their contents.
  • Squirrels are carriers of potentially harmful diseases transmitted through their excrement, and they can also harbor parasites that pose risks to humans and pets.
When to Call Calgary Pest Exterminator

When infestations occur and openings in walls, ceilings, and eaves need sealing, and exclusion traps (one-way traps) need placement where squirrels have entered structures, it is time to call professional Squirrel Removal Company in Calgary like us. While some homeowners may try non-metal traps, squirrels can quickly chew through these.

Despite their perceived effectiveness, repellents such as mothballs, ultrasonic emitters, other animals’ urine (from predators), and ammonia-soaked rags are generally ineffective. Additionally, we ensure that once we remove squirrels, they won’t return anytime soon, nor will they be replaced. Finally, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate attics to ensure safety and eliminate odors.

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