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Calgary Pest Control stands as a premier provider of effective mosquito control solutions for various mosquito species across Southern Alberta. Our team comprises highly trained technicians and seasoned professionals capable of addressing mosquito issues in diverse settings. Employing a garlic-based repellent, our mosquito control specialists ensure a lasting effect of up to four weeks per spray, without posing harm to birds and pets, unlike many conventional toxic repellents. Additionally, our repellent offers protection against ticks and chiggers, fostering a safe environment for families and pets. With numerous mosquito pest control experts and property care operators stationed throughout Calgary and surrounding areas, Pest Control guarantees top-notch performance at competitive rates.

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Calgary Pest Exterminator boasts a proven track record in delivering effective mosquito extermination services across the Greater Calgary Area. With a history of satisfied clients in various regions of Southern Alberta, our team of professionals is adept at providing comprehensive mosquito removal services.

We prioritize the use of non-pesticide methods for mosquito control, especially in areas frequented by children and pets. However, in severe infestation cases, we may consider pesticide application upon request. Equipped with cutting-edge mosquito pest control products and techniques, our experts are well-equipped to tackle any pest control challenge, including mosquito and tick extermination. It’s essential to note that mosquito control typically involves a multi-step program to ensure effective repellent throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Some of the Calgary Pest Control services we offer

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