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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) represents a forward-thinking and ecologically sensitive approach to responsible pest control management. It blends consistent management protocols with the reduction of insects and weeds, all while considering economic and health factors in balance. IPM programs leverage comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interactions with the environment. The aim of Calgary IPM is to achieve and maintain pest control in the most cost-effective manner, while minimizing risks to people, property, and the environment.

While IPM is commonly associated with agricultural settings such as farms and growing areas, it also applies to homes and surrounding environments. The methodology emphasizes utilizing all appropriate pest management alternatives, including the careful use of pesticides to avoid financial strain. Instead of focusing on eradicating pests entirely, IPM emphasizes controlling insect populations, which is more feasible and cost-effective.

Implementing an IPM Program in Calgary

IPM is not a singular pest control technique, but rather a series of calculations, judgments, and controls developed by experts in the field. Farmers and growers typically follow a four-step approach or risk assessment, which includes evaluating biological control agents, health risks, environmental concerns, and effectiveness.


IPM sets a threshold at which pest control measures are deemed necessary based on ecological conditions. Detecting a single pest does not always warrant control; there is a point at which pests become a significant threat and control measures should be considered. However, not all pests require control, and some may even be beneficial, such as ladybug beetles and wasps. IPM programs focus on accurately monitoring pests and making informed decisions about control measures based on action thresholds and economic impact.


IPM programs aim to prevent pests from becoming a threat to crops, gardens, and homes. These methods are operationally efficient and offer solutions to environmental hazards and human health effects. By identifying pests accurately, monitoring their populations, and taking action when necessary, IPM contributes to economic sustainability and ensures the safety and productivity of food sources. Calgary Integrated Pest Management serves as the standard for effective pest control techniques, considering efficiency, cost control, and potential risks. Calgary Pest Exterminator advocates for the implementation of IPM practices.

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