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Chestermere faces its fair share of mice control challenges. While mice in rural areas typically spend their lives outdoors, urban mice often take up residence in buildings. You may discover them nesting under refrigerators, inside drawers, within furniture, behind walls, and even in ceilings.

Attempting to eliminate mice on your own might seem appealing, but it’s more challenging than it appears. Let’s be honest, the common house mouse, with its small ears and whiskers, can seem rather cute. However, the process of setting and emptying a mouse trap isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, catching one mouse doesn’t mean you’ve solved the problem, as there may be others lurking in your cozy home. This is why many people opt for professional pest control services, such as Calgary Pest Exterminator – Chestermere.

Mouse Droppings and Other Signs of Mice Infestation Chestermere

While mouse droppings are a clear indicator of a mouse infestation, here are some additional signs to look out for:

  • Gnawed plastic in furniture
  • Holes in mattresses or furniture
  • A musty odor
  • Tiny piles of food under furnishings
  • Actual sightings of mice

Ways to Prevent a Mouse Infestation Chestermere

For effective mouse control, consider implementing the following methods:

  1. Sealing all points of entry: Identify and seal any potential entry points that mice may use to access your building. This could include gaps in doors, windows, or ceilings. Use materials that mice cannot easily chew through.

  2. Proper cleaning: Ensure that food is not left out, and clean all tables, sinks, and food storage containers thoroughly. Dispose of refuse properly, preferably using a metal refuse bin to deter mice.

  3. Using traps: Place mouse traps strategically in areas where mice are active. Traditional mouse traps are effective, but humane traps such as cages or sound machines can also be used. Remember to use bait like cheese or peanut butter to attract mice.

  4. Employing cats: Cats can be effective hunters of mice and help reduce the mouse population. However, be aware that the process can be distressing as cats hunt and catch mice.

  5. Poison baits: Poison bait can be an effective method of mouse control, but be cautious as it may result in mice dying in inaccessible areas, leading to foul odors.


Benefits of Using a Local Chestermere Mouse Exterminator

Identifying and addressing a mouse infestation early is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases. At Calgary Pest Exterminator Chestermere, our highly trained professionals will inspect your home or business to locate the mouse entry points and nests. We guarantee effective mouse control services, with unmarked vehicles for discretion and 24/7 emergency service availability. Contact us now at 403-206-0625 for reliable pest control solutions in Chestermere.

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