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When someone describes the culprit as possessing long, hard teeth, tiny ears, beady eyes, and a lengthy, thin tail, they’re talking about a rodent. From diminutive moles to hefty groundhogs, these creatures can provoke anxiety as various forms of damage begin to manifest. Mice, notorious for gnawing through walls and cables to access shelter and food, are particularly troublesome. We provide expert Rodent Removal Services in Calgary and cities surrounding it.

Do Not let Mice get On the Counter and Near Your Food. Control Calgary Rodent Infestation

In addition to the structural damage they cause, mice can contaminate food items, posing significant health risks. Left unchecked, they proliferate rapidly, posing genuine health hazards; micro droplets of mice urine or the brown rice-like droppings they leave behind can transmit diseases such as leptospirosis, leading to severe liver damage, kidney failure, and hemorrhagic fever, among others. A rodent infestation can also attract additional pests like fleas, mites, lice, and ticks.

The most common signs of a rodent infestation include urine trails, squeaking noises, nests, holes in food packaging, and pellet-like droppings. Additionally, rodent saliva can transmit viral infectious diseases, while allergic reactions such as sneezing and irritated eyes may result from their shedding hair.

Moles – These creatures burrow through lawns and gardens, causing visible damage and potentially killing portions of your lawn by damaging plant roots.

Rats and Mice – Among the most prolific and destructive pests, rats and mice cause food contamination, spread diseases, and inflict structural damage. Ineffective control measures can lead to economic and health issues, underscoring the importance of professional pest control services. Various aspects of control methods extend beyond simple cheese-loaded traps.

Gophers – While not posing a significant threat, gophers can become pests when their burrowing activities disrupt lawns and gardens. We employ safe and humane methods to relocate these creatures to new habitats.

Squirrels – Particularly the Red Squirrel variety, known to cause frustration, may find their way into homes or cottages.

The rationale behind hiring professional exterminators is to ensure that once these pests are identified and eliminated, they won’t return anytime soon. By sealing openings and identifying entry points, we prevent rodents from re-entering homes or businesses for an extended period. Therefore, prompt action is imperative upon discovering rodents, especially as winter approaches when they seek food and shelter more urgently. Maintaining good hygiene and sanitation standards is crucial for reducing or eliminating rodents from both commercial and residential premises. We provide practical tips on managing these pests independently, and our Calgary rodent control and removal services are also available in your neighborhood, covering surrounding areas. Our priority is rodent removal Calgary with minimal pesticide usage or low-toxicity pesticides to ensure your family’s and pets’ safety. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction through effective and safe procedures conducted by our highly trained staff.

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Our Rodent control services are delivered by our professionally trained team of ‘best in business’ rodent exterminators in the Greater Calgary Area. You can access our services in various locations, including Mice Control in Calgary, Mice Control in Chestermere, Mice Control in Airdrie, Mice Control in Cochrane, Mice Control in Bearspaw, and Mice Control in Okotoks.

Our professionals begin by identifying the root cause of the pest infestation and devising a plan to eliminate rodents permanently. Our products meet the highest quality standards and comply with health, hygiene, and environmental regulations. We prioritize the use of the least chemically toxic products for your family’s and pets’ safety. After assessing your pest infestation, we provide a customized plan and quote to align with your budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and ensure 100% satisfaction. We continuously train to maintain state-of-the-art techniques, allowing us to execute the best pest extermination procedures available. Scheduled visits tailored to your situation ensure a comprehensive approach to pest eradication. Rest assured, if any issues arise between visits, we’ll schedule a follow-up free of charge to ensure the pest extermination process remains under control. If rodents are infiltrating your premises, residential or commercial, contact Calgary Exterminator, and we’ll promptly eradicate the problem!



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