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Airdrie faces its fair share of mice control issues. While rural mice predominantly reside outdoors, urban mice make themselves at home within buildings. They can be found nesting under refrigerators, inside drawers, within furniture, walls, and even in ceilings. We specialize in Airdrie Mice Control Services.

Attempting to eradicate mice independently may appear feasible, but it’s more challenging than it seems. Let’s be honest, the common house mouse, with its small ears and whiskers, can be somewhat endearing, and the process of setting and emptying a mouse trap isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, capturing one mouse doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the issue, as there could be several others cohabiting in your cozy abode, necessitating repeated trapping efforts. This is why many opt for the services of a pest control company, such as Pest Exterminator Airdrie.

Mouse Droppings and Other Signs of Mice Infestation Airdrie

While identifying mice droppings is a clear indicator of an infestation, there are other telltale signs to watch for:

  • Gnawed plastic in furniture
  • Holes in mattresses or furniture
  • A musty odor
  • Tiny piles of food under furnishings
  • Actual sightings of mice

Preventing a mouse infestation in Calgary

For effective mouse control, consider implementing any of the following methods:

Sealing entry points: A straightforward approach to controlling mice is to identify and seal off potential entry points they use to access buildings. These entry points could be gaps in doors, windows, or through ceilings. Additionally, inspect the building for cracks in any area. Use materials that mice cannot easily penetrate to seal these gaps and cracks.

Thorough cleaning: When a mice infestation is suspected, it’s crucial not to leave food out. Ensure all tables and sinks are properly cleaned, and store food items in tightly closed containers. Consider finding a better method for disposing of refuse, such as using a metal refuse bin, which can be effective for mouse control.

Using traps: Mouse traps work best when placed in areas where mice are known to frequent. There are various types of traps available, including traditional snap traps, humane traps like cages, sound machines, or sticky paper. When setting traps, ensure they are kept away from children and pets, and use bait such as cheese or peanut butter to attract the mice.

Utilizing cats: Cats can serve as effective mouse controllers due to their natural hunting instincts. While they make great pets, they can also help reduce the mouse population rapidly. However, be prepared for the less pleasant aspect of dealing with the aftermath of their hunting activities.

Using poison baits: Poison bait, available in food or pellet form, can be effective in controlling mouse populations. However, one downside is that after consuming the bait, mice may die in inaccessible areas, leading to unpleasant odors from decaying bodies.


Benefits of Hiring a Local Airdrie Mouse Exterminator

Identifying and addressing a mice infestation early is crucial as mouse droppings and urine can pose health risks. At Calgary Pest Exterminator Airdrie, our highly trained professionals conduct thorough inspections of homes or businesses to locate entry points and nests. We then initiate efficient mouse control measures. Our services are guaranteed, our vehicles are discreetly marked, and we offer 24/7 emergency assistance.

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