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Situated near Calgary, AB,  lies the charming city of Chestermere. With a historic downtown area and bustling docks, tourism plays a vital role in its economy. However, the presence of pests and wildlife in historic buildings can tarnish the city’s rich heritage. That’s where Calgary Pest Extermination Company steps in to ensure that pests do not disrupt Chestermere’s allure. Residents and business owners rely on us to eradicate troublesome pests before they deter tourists. Our commitment to delivering optimal results has earned us a solid reputation within the community, consistently providing timely and cost-effective solutions.

Still not convinced? Consider the following:

Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Value: Our free quotations offer competitive price ranges compared to our competitors, without compromising on quality. We provide unmatched value for your investment in pest control services.

100% Money Back Guarantee: Dissatisfied with our services? While some companies may offer a free visit as an apology, Calgary Pest Control goes further by offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee if our service does not meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Top-notch Specialists: Our elite team of pest control technicians ensures that clients receive the highest quality service. With extensive experience and training, coupled with state-of-the-art tools and vehicles, our experts handle infestations thoroughly and efficiently.

Pest Control Operator License: Our technicians are certified, prioritizing eco-friendly and humane methods in our pest control practices.

24/7 Operations: Pest infestations do not wait for convenient times. Our Emergency Service guarantees prompt assistance, with same-day service upon request. For added discretion, we offer unmarked trucks for your peace of mind.

Calgary Pest Control - Chestermere Extermination Services

Established years ago, Calgary Pest Exterminator Company in Chestermere is a family-owned and operated business. 

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or seeking year-round pest protection, Calgary Pest Control has you covered. We specialize in exterminating a wide range of pests, including mice, ants, rats, wasps, and roaches. Our comprehensive services ensure a pest-free environment, enhancing the health and safety of homeowners and their families.

We offer free consultations and quotations, along with highly competitive pricing. However, pest control is a collaborative effort, and we encourage our Chestermere clients to maintain their properties to deter pests effectively. By keeping lawns and gardens trimmed and sealing entry points, homeowners can minimize pest infestations.

Don’t let pests jeopardize your home’s comfort and safety. Contact us today at (403) 206-0625 to address your pest control needs with the utmost professionalism and expertise. With Calgary Exterminator Company, satisfaction is guaranteed!

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